Thursday, August 9, 2018

Smiles Across the Miles: How to Show You Care with a Handmade Card

Creating something special with whimsical images and hand-colored art is a great way to show someone you care. 

Whether it's to cheer a friend or simply to say "hello", we think handmade cards are some of the best "happy mail" pieces you can get! This week on the blog, Sherry shared an amazing background technique video and Michelle shared her sweet coloring combos with us in her step-by-step tutorial.

Today, we're bringing you more designer inspiration along with some of the reasons they love sending and receiving handmade cards.

I love receiving handmade cards because I know that person took the time to sit down and create something special just for me!!


I love to send handmade cards, and they always have a personal touch, like the person's name or a thing that relates to the person receiving it.


I often am asked to create personalised cards and I'm told that the recipients are always thrilled to have something custom made and one-off just for them. It's always nice to receive a card that you know no one else can buy in the shop!


Handmade cards can mean so much more than just a piece of paper. They can mean the world and hold many memories inside. They are one big hug with a fold in the middle. 


At the beginning of every month, I love making a list of a few people that I want to send cards to. This helps me to remember to send out cards.


I feel it’s important to send handmade cards because sending cards in general was a way to show love in my family growing up. I’ve saved every card I’ve ever received (my mum even saved the cards she got when I was born for me!) for the sentimental value. I try to make an impact by sending cards to nursing homes and elderly people who may not have as many people around them too, just to say hello and that someone’s thinking of them! I think it’s a great way to put a smile on anybody’s face, whether you have a personal relationship with them or not.


Living so far away from my family and most of my friends I find that sending handmade cards is a good way to stay in touch, let them know I'm thinking of them, and give them a nice surprise to brighten their days.


I love to send handmade cards because they're labor of love and care... They're perfectly imperfect and not like machine made. I often did a set of handmade cards for ones that I love to send to their love ones and spread kindness. I treasure all handmade cards I received and I've special box for housing them. Like I said they're labor of love :) 


I love making personalised cards because that’s where you put in your most prized possession, your time! Sparing a few hours of your day and putting in that extra effort to make a personalised card makes the receiving person feel special. These days where everything is digital, receiving a handmade card in the mail is always a delightful and pleasant surprise. I feel happy to play a small role in spreading joy in someone's life. I pre-make the cards a month in advance and keep reminders in my calendar to send the cards out two weeks before the event. 


I love to send handmade cards because I know it's a way to make someone smile when I can't physically be there, it makes the miles seem a little shorter.


I make and send cards because it's like a little present, or a ray of sunshine, sure to brighten anyone's day!


Sending handmade cards is a gift of love! When you open your mailbox and find a special card the recipient knows you are thinking of them and sending them hugs across the miles. I love to send cards for every holiday, wedding, sympathy, graduations, etc. but, my favorite ones to send are the ones that surprise someone. Hearing from the recipient brightens my day as well. It is a win-win! My heart is happy when I know I made their day.




We'd love for you to share your card inspiration with us in The CDD Gallery

While you're there, be sure to let us know why YOU love to send and receive handmade cards, too. 

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