Saturday, February 24, 2018

Marbling Technique with DT Marine

Hey there, it's Marine from DT!  Today I'm so excited to share with you three cards I made using a marbling technique: nail polish. It was so much fun creating these backgrounds, and in the end the results are really amazing!

Each background was made following the same process. Here it is:

1. First of all: make sure to open a window because nail polish vapors are pretty intense and bad for health. You don't want to get a terrible headache at the end!

2. Choose your favorite color of nail polish, and in a random container* filled with cold water, just pour the colored liquid directly from the bottle or from the little brush.

*you can use what you want as long as it's large enough to fit your panel ^^

3. With a pointed tool, just draw some lines in the water. The more lines you make the more marble effects you get.

4. Drop and simply plunge your panel into the water. No need to move the paper into the water. Pull it out and see the result. Isn't it awesome?

5. Now just add some elements to complete your card. As for me, I just colored different images using my zig markers, added sentiments and glued some sequins to finish the cards.


If you use this cool technique and CDD supplies on a project, don't forget to share it in the Facebook Gallery and the social medias with #craftindesertdivas! Have a beautiful day, and see you soon on the blog!


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