Sunday, February 25, 2018

Marbling Technique With DT Margaret

Hello Divas! It's Meg here with you to share a simple yet gorgeous marbling technique using shaving cream and salt....Yes, salt!

Before we get into the tutorial, I'll share with you a picture of my finished project:

I marbled the background of my project using the technique I'll share with you. Let's get started! For this project you will need a plate covered with shaving cream, paper towels, ink re-inker bottles, salt, and something to stir with:

STEP 1. Using a light color, dot the shaving cream with some ink. For my project I chose Stormy Sky Distress Ink (I do this step because I don't want to have any white background coming through my swirls at the end.)

STEP 2. Mix together so that the shaving cream is a solid color, and not streaky.

STEP 3. Take the colors you want to swirl, and dot them over the top of the shaving cream. I chose Candied Apple and Dusty Concord.

STEP 4. Using something thin, swirl the colors together. Don't blend them together, just swirl. You want the colors to retain their distinctness from one another.

STEP 5. So far, so good. If you stopped now, you'd have a basic shaving cream technique. But, now it's time for the magic! Sprinkle salt all over the top of your shaving cream. You can use any kind of salt you want - kosher, normal grain, etc. 
The salt will act as a blocker, and prevent your swirl pattern from transferring to the paper wherever the salt is present.

STEP 6. Smoosh your cardstock into the shaving cream gently, and leave for a few seconds.

STEP 7. Remove your cardstock and wipe off with a paper towel.

It's gonna look like a mess before you wipe the shaving cream off, but don't worry, it's beautiful underneath!

Do you notice the white/pale blue sprinkles? That's the look we are going for. You can use this technique for so many different looks! As soon as your card dries, you're ready to finish the project!

Here's my finished project once again, and links for CDD shop products I used below it. See you next time!

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