Friday, January 26, 2018

Clean & Simple Card Wtih DT Anna

Hi everyone! It's Anna Kovalenko here today & I want to share with you my CAS handmade card.

I always thought that CAS is for lazy people, lol. But once I tried I realized that it's gorgeous cardmaking tecnique & it works just perfect for clear stamp sets. Now more about making :)

To start with I took white card stock + frame die & ran them through cutting machine. What I got were two parts - outside (frame) & inside. But what I wanted was the whole piece so I put everything back together & glued.

When the pieces were back together as one I used my stamping tool to stamp the images. I wanted the fancy cute parrot on the branch & single sentiment. To "put" the parrot on the branch I used masking technique. Then added sentiment.

After that it was time for coloring. I work with color pencils. Used to have 36 color shades, but now (thanks to New Year, lol) upgraded my pencils' collection to 72 shades & after this card these are now my favourite colors :D
When coloring I go from light colors to dark & do dry blending (no water needed). When finished with the images I went with midium grey color at the sides to make the image look dementional.

As it is a CAS style you do not need to put much on the card. But I felt that I needed something extra so I added few sequince. And the card was done! :)

It is great card to celebrate something special & so simple in making! Let me know in comments below whether you like CAS cardmaking? And see you soon :)


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  1. Adorable card!! Love the colors!

  2. Yes, I really like CAS cards. And your card is so beautiful !


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