Friday, November 24, 2017

Interactive Slider Card with DT Patricia

Hello everyone! I’m Patricia from CDD team and today I share my interactive card, that in this case is a slider card and I will explain how it is done, it is very easy! I use the little fairy from Winter Fairies Stamp Set and Scenery Dies as main elements of the card.
Once you have prepared the background, for example, I used Distress ink and splashing ink with a brush, you have to choose where you are going to put the slider element. With a special die or with a cutter you have to cut the distance you want your element to move, in my case the fairy.
The next thing you need will be 3D pads and a coin. Use a pad to stick to the coin and put it under the cardboard, the fairy sticks it over the cardboard to the pad. Check that it moves freely and and it doesn't stop. Then to stick the cardboard to the base, you will need more 3D pads, foam or similar of the same thickness as the coin plus the pad. Don't make the mistake of shortening the distance because otherwise the coin will not move and therefore the fairy will not either.
And that's it! You have your fairy moving on the card or any other element you have chosen !! Now, you can finish to decorate your card!
I hope you like this. Happy Crafting!!


I appreciate you taking the time to visit my blog and leaving a comment. Have a crafty day!!

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