Monday, September 25, 2017

Harvest Happiness Planner

Hi there, stamping and planner friends! This is Nancy from the design team, back today to share a fall planner layout in my Happy Planner. As always, I used these techniques in my planner, but they work fabulously for cards and other projects as well.

Recently, I have been obsessed with kraft colored paper for my stamped images. I love how colors look very different than on white paper. My only obstacle was how to get that kraft paper feel in my planner. As I stamp all of my images for my planner on sticker paper, first I had to find kraft colored sticker paper. Fair warning: Kraft sticker paper is on the expensive side. But, I think it is totally worth the cost. I was happy to find that the sticker paper had a slight texture, like kraft cardstock.

I stamped some pumpkins and this adorable scarecrow from Harvest Happiness, which is a part of the September release. I wanted to show you the colors I used for this project, so I have included pictures of the images and the prismacolor pencils I used.

If you are like me, a white colored pencil doesn't typically get a lot of use. However, with kraft or any dark color paper, white is a superhero.  I probably have used more of my white pencil in the last week than the whole year! It's great for lightening dark colors and adding highlights.

I really wanted to plan my entire layout on kraft paper, which you can totally do if you have a planner that has removable pages. However, my printer does not like the thickness of the cardstock I have and would not print on it. I was also not pleased with my results when I drew out the layout myself. But, I haven't given up on that thought so don't be surprised if it shows up soon. Instead, I decided to bust out my trusty Distress Inks and color my pages to closely match the kraft paper.

I used Antique Linen and Brushed Corduroy Inks along with my blending tools and a color duster. If a color duster is new to you, it's the brush that looks kinda like a men's shaving cream brush. You can also use a stipple brush, which is very similar except the handle is longer and the bristles are packed tighter together and are more uniform in length. 

The picture above shows the texture that a color duster or stipple brush provides. You can cover an entire background like this, but it can be time consuming. Today, I'm using it to add depth to the color and add texture.

I started by using the Antique Linen as a base color covering the entire page. I apologize that the photos aren't from the actual planner pages I used in the project. I wasn't sure if I would be happy with the result, so I didn't take any progress pictures. This is recreated on Happy Planner pages in my "practice planner". Otherwise known as the out of date planner I bought on super clearance.

After covering your page, the are will look something like the picture above. The color is very light, but provides a great base layer for what comes next.

Next, I used the Brushed Corduroy ink to deepen the color and add some depth. When I was happy with the color that had been achieved, I moved on to the next step. Don't be afraid to keep layering colors. As long as they are in the same color family, you won't have any surprises.

After I finished laying the base colors, I went back in with the color duster and tapped in some texture. All you have to do here is tap the brush into your inkpad and then tap onto your project. You can change the amount of spattering by tapping harder or softer, or even rubber banding the bristles together.

When complete, you can see that the color is a pretty good match for the kraft sticker paper. After finishing, I added the scarecrow and pumpkin images and a few accent stickers. The color is light enough that I can still write on the pages with a black or sepia pen. But you can always add planner box stickers like those in the Planner Basic digi bundle as well. 

 I hope you enjoyed this layout, and I will be back to see you soon. In the mean time, check out the new releases and take advantage of the specials that have been offered in the weekly roundup newsletter.

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