Thursday, October 8, 2015

Stamping Using The Masking Technique

Hey CDD Fans, DT Steph here today sharing a tip on how to mask.  Masking an image is a way of bringing an image to the forefront of a scene or creating a background for an image.  The mask protects the image while being stamped over.  You will need a few basic supplies to mask with.  There are masking paper you can buy specifically for this purpose or you can use Post-It notes or copy paper for masking.  I used a Post-It note in this demonstration along with some Ad tech Removable Tape.   Today I am featuring the newly release Fright Night stamp set. 

Note: When using copy paper or the bottom part of a Pots-It note you must use a removable tape to hold the image down.

Now let's get started.

 Step 1:  Gather you supplies

 Step 2:  Layout out your scene to get an idea how you want your scene to look

 Step 3:  Stamp the first image that will be in the forefront (hat)

 Step 4:  Stamp images on masking paper (post-it note)

Step 5:  Cut out masked images and an important note here-cut directly on the line of the image, you should be able to see the stamped line left on the discarded piece of paper - if you cut around the image it will leave a 'halo' effect when stamping the other image on top.

 Step 6:  Place mask on hat then stamp kitty.

Tada!  The kitty is now wearing her witch hat!

Step 7:  Mask kitty and stamp pumpkin.  Now the kitty is 'sitting' on the pumpkin.

Step 8:  I decided to add a few more pumpkins so I masked the pumpkin and stamped one on each side.

 Now you can color your scene with your choice of medium.
Stay tuned to see my finished card!

 CDD Products used:

Fright Night

 Below are some links to cards I made using the masking technique:

Thanks for stoppin' by!

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