Sunday, March 8, 2015

Post It Note/Binder Clip Gifts

Good morning everyone! Lisa B. here and today I am happy to share with you some projects I made using my CDD stamps.

I love challenging myself to make things that I already have on hand. I was sitting in my office and next to me were these clips and some Post It notes.  I figured "Why not?".  So I made some picture holders with the jumbo binder clips and some Post It note gift holders.  

Close up of the sentiments.

First off are my picture holders.  These were the jumbo ones I purchased from the nearest Office Supply store.  For the first two I used Capture the Good Times stamp set.  

I also made one in a baby boy theme but the stamp actually came from the girl inspired Sugar & Spice

For the sets in the bottom row I used Short & Sweet Tags.

This one is the package that is standing taller in the back. The sentiment here is from Simply Said.
For additional details please visit my blog which can be found HERE.
Below are the stamp sets I used as well as the links.

Short & Sweet Tags found HERE.

Simply Said found HERE.

Sugar & Spice found HERE.

Capture the Good Times found HERE.

Have a great day! Happy Crafting!


  1. OMG Girl I crown you a CREATIVE GENIUS.....OMG Who in the heck doesn't have some of these in their home??? OMG never ever thought of this......R U Kidding me OMG GENIUS I tell you just a GENIUS IDEA The manufacture of these should reward you for your idea...OMG you just boosted their sale to the moon and back. You definitely came up with the outstanding creative idea of the year!! YOU so ROCK


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